Wedding Planning for Spoonies

A watercolor painting featuring yellow wedding bells, red roses, and green leaves. A pink bow is in the middle of this garland. In this watercolor painting are two spoons. They are holding stick figure hands. One spoon is wearing a pale blue bowtie, the other is in a bridal veil, pale blue sash, and wedding dress. Behind them is a rainbow spectrum of colors in a faded cloud. The text overlay is Wedding Planning for Spoonies: Tips & Inspiration for Chronically Ill and Disabled Couples by Meara Mullen.
Watercolor Rainbow Cover “Wedding Planning for Spoonies”: Two spoons, one with a bowtie and another in a wedding dress, holding hands.

Wedding Planning for Spoonies

Engaged with a mobility aid? A chronic pain sufferer on the road to wedded bliss?

Wedding Planning for Spoonies helps disabled couples have their dream wedding day exactly as they want, tailored to their needs.  It’s a full-package wedding planner written from the perspective of a disabled bride who has been there, along with other disabled couples’ information to ensure smooth, sweet sailing.


  • An inside look from disabled couples’ perspectives for vendors to better cater to their clientele
  • A peer who understands family politics in the context of disability and weddings
  • Templates, schedules, budgeting tools, and timelines centered around your needs

Everything you need to know —finding the right venue for a wheelchair user, the right dress for someone with chronic pain, approaching your vendors to get what you want in the wedding you want —Wedding Planning for Spoonies has the answer.