Metaphors for Marriage When You Have Chronic and Mental Illness

I once heard a foolish preacher tell a bunch of teenagers, of all people, at a youth rally that marriage is like a fragile baby bird. Maybe this is true if the couple is neurotypical and teenagers, but the analogies that come to my mind are a bit more dramatic and dangerous. My husband is on the spectrum, and I have PTSD, among other issues on top of my chronic pain. Everyday life in our marriage feels more like an action movie sometimes than sweet little delicate birds.

With that information, here are my metaphors for marriage:

1. Marriage is a trip to Mordor  and each of you takes turns being Frodo or Sam.

2. Marriage is a trip to get the soul stone but you figure out a way that neither of you dies (because love) and you both agree to enchant some regular rock there to bring back to the Avengers ( because one of you has magic powers and one of you is a rogue).

3. Marriage is that 80’s song The Promise. Everyday. And you’re in the closing Napoleon Dynamite scene with the tetherball that features that song.

Can anyone else think of other analogies?

After all, love is a battlefield.

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