Boring Life Update

cleaning supplies in a yellow diamond shape with text "boring life update: my life is boring and i need to keep this blog alive spoonielifestyle.com"

I wasn’t sure what to write about again today, so I’m going to divide what’s going on right now into three sections. Right now I acknowledge this is most likely not interesting or useful. But I’ve missed a few days of posts, and I need to keep my daily upkeep of posting.

Pain Flare

I’m in a pain flare! Yay! But it’s not nearly as bad as the old pain flares I used to get before I separated from my husband. Yeah, I separated from my husband. I’ll get to that in a second. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This makes the pain flares much less terrible. But I believe my pain is tied to my emotions. When things were really bad with my husband and I was experiencing high anxiety, I was not functional. Now I’ve just got the fire ants instead of tears and being bedridden.

Bye Bye Bear

Bear and I frequently separate. We’ve been married less than 6 months and this is the 3rd time we’ve separated due to my medical conditions. He’s a essential worker who can’t work remotely, I’m immune suppressed, so right now we’re apart. Yes, I am worried about our future. Yes, I am mad at him (because I can’t tell you the full story, of course).

Gutting the Book

I’m rewriting my book, Wedding Planning for Spoonies, and the memoir bits that involve my husband are really hard to write right now. In fact, it’s hard to write positively about my wedding at all right now because of my separation. Separations are painful, even if the motives behind them are logical and good, and I know it’s bleeding into my writing.

That’s my boring life update. I hope you brought a pillow.

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