Wedding Planning for Spoonies

A watercolor painting featuring yellow wedding bells, red roses, and green leaves. A pink bow is in the middle of this garland. In this watercolor painting are two spoons. They are holding stick figure hands. One spoon is wearing a pale blue bowtie, the other is in a bridal veil, pale blue sash, and wedding dress. Behind them is a rainbow spectrum of colors in a faded cloud. The text overlay is Wedding Planning for Spoonies by Meara Mullen.
Watercolor Rainbow Cover “Wedding Planning for Spoonies”

What is Wedding Planning for Spoonies?

Wedding Planning For Spoonies is a one-stop shop for chronically ill and disabled couples needing a someone who sees them and acknowledges that wedding planning is different for them. In the book are interviews with other disabled couples who have been there, my experiences, and research to help give you your special day the glitziest, sparkliest, and happiest moments it can have. Because you do deserve it.

Why was Wedding Planning for Spoonies written?

I was diagnosed with my maladies during my engagement to my husband. Despite trying to find a wedding planning community online, there wasn’t much for people in my exact predicament. There is a lot of information on Offbeat Bride, where I have written before, but I will say that I questioned as to why disabled couples were sequestered off to one corner of the internet and not brought to a more mainstream part where we could be more easily seen. (This is not to say that Offbeat Bride isn’t wonderful. But from the research I did, I noticed that some brides shied away from Offbeat Bride.) One of the reasons I wrote this book was to reach a larger audience and normalize a disabled couple’s experience. (Although as you can see a gal with purple hair and glitter glasses is obviously not normal, I did want that princess-y white wedding.) Disabled couples are everywhere and deserve more exposure to able-bodied people to prevent microaggressions by learning about one another.


In the wedding industry, there is much ignorance when it comes to disability. Sometimes disabled couples are the target of prejudice due to a lack of understanding. A part of this book serves to show wedding vendors a disabled experience to guide their decisions.