Green Tea Foot Soak to Reduce Swelling & Edema

As an experiment for my DIY home spa, I wanted to shake things up a bit for my foot soaks. A few of you know I have edema and swelling in my legs and feet. Green tea is anti-inflammatory, and I wondered that if I soaked my feet in a giant Tupperware of green tea,Continue reading “Green Tea Foot Soak to Reduce Swelling & Edema”

Dinky little word castle

There are days when I feel things more than most. When everything seems more pronounced. Sometimes, I can’t pinpoint the reason. Today the reason was obvious: either this new steroid pack works on my mysterious “autoimmune problem that [I] have” or I get an injection with a 20mm needle into my right hand. This wasContinue reading “Dinky little word castle”