I Want to be a Survivor, Not a Victim

I don’t believe in victim mentality, but what what do you call yourself when you’re a constant target living in fear? Right now I aim for surviving in this environment until I can say, “That was the old me. That doesn’t happen anymore. We don’t live there anymore. We don’t talk to ourselves like that. I survived that. I am not a victim, I am a survivor.”

Fighting the She-Wolf: Fibromyalgia Painger Coping Techniques From a Weird Hippie

How I’m getting through the night with some new age techniques.

My Identity Outside Chronic Illness: Simple Vanilla Cake

I’ve begun doing affirmations in the morning and evening. Finally, for the first time in weeks, I was able to do a yoga routine yesterday morning. The happy feelers were abuzz and I knew the sun was shining on me. I was absolutely not going to waste this gift of a day sulking in bedContinue reading “My Identity Outside Chronic Illness: Simple Vanilla Cake”

My Fibromyalgia Book List: The Fibro Book Club

My review of You Can Heal Your Life and my experience picking professionals brains for book suggestions to add to my fibromyalgia book list.

How Acknowledging the Good and Bad Helped Me Cope With Fibromyalgia

Why it’s important to listen to your positive and negative emotions when you have a chronic illness.

Linguistics, Identities, Marginality, and Chronic Illness

Recently I had a class in which I looked stupid. This is normal for most people but as an introvert who hung out in the back of the class in class sizes of 300 people I usually didn’t have to talk, being put in the spotlight was never something I was used to. I amContinue reading “Linguistics, Identities, Marginality, and Chronic Illness”

My Fight Against Bias in Medicine: How to Fight the Medical System like a Businesswoman and Gain the Respect of Your Doctors in the United States

How to use technology to communicate with your doctor to gain respect and obtain the results you need from your doctors visits.