3 Mental and Spiritual Ways to Cope With a Pain Flare

When you’re stuck in a pain flare, it’s hard to envision the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some small (albeit unorthodox) ways you can keep your head above the pain for perhaps a little while. I’m keeping this list short due to the nature of pain flares. Some of you mightContinue reading “3 Mental and Spiritual Ways to Cope With a Pain Flare”

The Safe Man

I’m going to be writing about trauma therapy and marriage again today, because that’s my life right now. This is not a Whiner McBabypants post where I talk about my specific trauma, rather, these are my reflections on life, love, and marriage as a disabled woman. You know when you just feel sad, and youContinue reading “The Safe Man”

List of all the ways I’ve been loved TODAY

When a person comes around to recognize their blessings, they need to record them. It’s like taking photographs of favorite destinations, making a collage, and displaying it teenager-style like your soul anthem on your bedroom wall. There, your memories wait for you each time you go to sleep. I’ve been suffering on multiple fronts latelyContinue reading “List of all the ways I’ve been loved TODAY”