Managing My Pain Well: Green Light Bathing and Rescue the Spirit Dietary Supplement

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Oftentimes I find myself taking a burning hot shower 12 times a day because I’m in so much pain. In an earlier post I went over the benefits of green light and how I found significant pain reduction. The past few days I have turned my office space into a green light chamber by using green LED lights in a broken Wal-Mart floor lamp. So far, the past two days after using my green light chamber for four, I have:

  • only showered 3 times a day
  • gone on a walk without feeling winded or in pain
  • was able to finish writing all of my thank-you notes for wedding gifts
  • gotten it onnnnn…. OH BABY
  • been able to relax some away from pain

Let’s talk about that last bullet. My acupuncturist prescribed to me Rescue the Spirit. I shit you not, this stuff works better than klonopin in a crowded airport and you’re somehow a comedian doing standup in the security line. Rescue the Spirit is a dietary supplement, and if you have a natural pharmacy or acupuncturist you can call about med interactions then please do. Take care of yourself. And acupuncturists need jobs, so call one to talk about medication interactions.

I combine Rescue the Spirit with my green light chamber, the Dance Pop station on Spotify, and have myself a grand old time reading books and zoning out. Zoning out has been basically impossible since I started my bizarre health journey because of my pain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still there, but man, can I take a nice staycation now.

Point of this article: green light chambers are good for pain, you should make one.

Secondary point: Rescue the Spirit is also great for managing pain and anxiety, call up your Chinese medicine professional.

Third point: Meditate for 10 minutes a day as soon as you wake up. Make it the absolute first thing you do in your green light chamber.

Fourth point: enjoy reduced pain if you suffer from fibromyalgia or migraines!

Green Light Therapy

As I am suffering from extreme pain right now, unable to do anything, my fiancé suggested I build a green light therapy chamber. In the linked article, researchers found evidence that if one bathed in green light for two hours a day regularly, it has significant pain reduction and no side effects and is intended to treat those with fibromyalgia and migraines.

My diagnosis is complex and I am treatment resistant. All the meds thrown at me have harmed me in some way. Eager to begin this treatment, I DIY’d a green light chamber for about $16 USD.

Please note the pain relief comes after a duration of time and regular use for about a month. Last night was my first time using my chamber to battle Painsomnia.

With that in mind, if you’re willing to experiment with me, I will gladly help you DIY your own Green Light Therapy Chamber!

DIY Green Light Therapy Chamber

1. Purchase green LED light bulbs

I bought a pack of two off of Amazon here.

2. Put the green LED light bulbs in a normal table lamp without a cloth shade.

The picture used in this blog post is a real image of my finished product. I took an antique desk lamp I already had and put a bulb in it. If you already have something, no need to buy!

3. Put the lamp with the green bulb in a dark, windowless room.

I chose our guest bathroom as it can be made pitch black. I put the lamp on the bathroom counter.

4. Bring in a foldable, portable, comfortable chair.

I suggest a canvas camp chair like this one.

My camp chair I already owned and did not have arms, which made it perfect to squish into my little bathroom.

5. Bring water and a paper book.

No smartphones allowed in the chamber and remember, you will be in here for 2 hours so you need to be able to entertain yourself. I read The Sight aloud until I felt able to fall asleep.

6. Set a timer for 2 hours and set it directly outside your door so you can hear it.

It will take some practice to get up to the full 2 hours, but if you bring a book, a craft project, or your sketchbook (maybe all 3) you may be able to get through the entire process on your first try. I made it an hour and a half reading my novel.

Tips and tricks

Make sure your chair is comfortable, supportive and flexible. You can use a bean bag chair, an office chair, whatever makes you feel good, but you must be comfortable otherwise you won’t last 30 minutes. It is important that you don’t try to sit on a toilet if your chamber is a bathroom. Try your hardest to find something comfy that fits, even if you have the tiniest of bathrooms.

Your green light therapy chamber does not need to be a bathroom! It can be a closet, a pantry, an internal office – it just needs to be a windowless room that can be made completely dark!

The finished product

This is my handmade DIY green light chamber. In the bottom right corner is my camp chair, which was previously mentioned in the tutorial. On the counter is my book to read and water to drink. The green light lamp is made from an antique desk lamp given to me by my mother which cost nothing, with a green LED light bulb from Amazon.


I did find relief using this last night. It was about 10:30 and I was crying from the physical pain I was in, so I asked my dad to bring in a camp chair. I attempted to use the green light therapy chamber earlier yesterday, but I had to sit on the toilet because I could not fit my office chair inside. This caused me to hurt myself. Everybody, please say no to toilets.

And now, a recap:

Pocket full of starlight: there are lots of ways we can combat pain ourselves, and some of them are very creative.

Pocket full of darkness: fighting pain takes time.