Managing My Pain Well: Green Light Bathing and Rescue the Spirit Dietary Supplement

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Oftentimes I find myself taking a burning hot shower 12 times a day because I’m in so much pain. In an earlier post I went over the benefits of green light and how I found significant pain reduction. The past few days I have turned my office space into a green light chamber by using green LED lights in a broken Wal-Mart floor lamp. So far, the past two days after using my green light chamber for four, I have:

  • only showered 3 times a day
  • gone on a walk without feeling winded or in pain
  • was able to finish writing all of my thank-you notes for wedding gifts
  • gotten it onnnnn…. OH BABY
  • been able to relax some away from pain

Let’s talk about that last bullet. My acupuncturist prescribed to me Rescue the Spirit. I shit you not, this stuff works better than klonopin in a crowded airport and you’re somehow a comedian doing standup in the security line. Rescue the Spirit is a dietary supplement, and if you have a natural pharmacy or acupuncturist you can call about med interactions then please do. Take care of yourself. And acupuncturists need jobs, so call one to talk about medication interactions.

I combine Rescue the Spirit with my green light chamber, the Dance Pop station on Spotify, and have myself a grand old time reading books and zoning out. Zoning out has been basically impossible since I started my bizarre health journey because of my pain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still there, but man, can I take a nice staycation now.

Point of this article: green light chambers are good for pain, you should make one.

Secondary point: Rescue the Spirit is also great for managing pain and anxiety, call up your Chinese medicine professional.

Third point: Meditate for 10 minutes a day as soon as you wake up. Make it the absolute first thing you do in your green light chamber.

Fourth point: enjoy reduced pain if you suffer from fibromyalgia or migraines!

My Fibromyalgia Book List: The Fibro Book Club

It’s been a little while since I posted. Generally I’ve been a molten lava monster experiencing an existential crisis. Thankfully I found a book that helped: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

I discovered this book by picking my chiropractor’s brain, a chiropractic doctor whose intelligence I respect, who showed me multiple books. My acupuncturist has also recommended a few books to me, and I have asked my fiancé, whose mother is a pharmacist, for recommendations. From now on, if I have the chance, I will ask my doctors for book recommendations.

Let’s return to You Can Heal Your Life.

The book largely focuses on mirror work and self-empowerment for physical and mental ailments. At first I was skeptical, but looking back on it I appreciated the idea of putting power back into an ill persons hands. The idea of mental wellness through an illness certainly can’t hurt. But the idea that it can cure cancer does. However I don’t think this is what Hay is arguing.

In order for her arguments to work, adopting her New Age worldview outlined in the beginning of the book is necessary. As someone who has more of that bent, this was easier for me to do than some. I like the idea of us choosing our parents and them choosing us. It’s a healing concept. Empowering.

Generally after my health downturn I have felt I have had no power. Power of the mind can be cultivated in any situation, which is why I have developed my fibro book list:

Just read:

– Herbal Medicine for Beginners

In the mail:

– Gray’s Anatomy

– Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica

– Heal Your Body

– Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple

– Medical Medium

– Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

– Why We Sleep

I recommend ordering your books off of Thriftbooks with a coupon code from Retailmenot. It’s cheaper than Amazon. Half Price Books is great too, but they don’t always have the selection.

After believing I was screwed over by the medical system, I realized I knew nothing about my own physiology. I wanted to order some books about the human body and make me more knowledgeable in my communication and what I put into my body.

There are a few books about herbalism. My fiancé’s family have been botanists for generations and he is a plant enthusiast. As someone leaning towards holistic medicine and wanting internal power, I wanted a hobby we could share together. Connecting through herbal medicine seemed like a good way to cultivate our marriage. Please note I do not reject western medicine.

I still read fun books, like The Sight, which is like badly written Game of Thrones with wolves. When I’m trying to relax this is what I read.

So, my fellow spoonies: what Spoonie related books do you read? I would love to know!