I Am Not My Illnesses

In yogic philosophy there is the concept of the known and the knower, or the field and the farmer. You observe your body, your mind, and your thoughts, but you know that is not who you are. The knower, your true self, is a soul with an inner, divine light who sees your body, mindContinue reading “I Am Not My Illnesses”

3 Mental and Spiritual Ways to Cope With a Pain Flare

When you’re stuck in a pain flare, it’s hard to envision the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some small (albeit unorthodox) ways you can keep your head above the pain for perhaps a little while. I’m keeping this list short due to the nature of pain flares. Some of you mightContinue reading “3 Mental and Spiritual Ways to Cope With a Pain Flare”

Handling Church Communications During COVID-19

I am a digital communicator for a church, and this is my sentiment:”Now, all over the internet I have seen Christians bash churches going online, and I want to say, shame on you! I am immune suppressed, and the majority of the congregation I serve is over 60 or under 2 years old – the most vulnerable populations. Never would I ever spit on wanting to keep any of these precious people safe in the pursuit of personal holiness, such as not being afraid of no virus! Hello, there’s more than just you on this planet! This attitude is what makes me afraid of living in the Bible belt, that my fellow Christians are going to kill everyone else off.”


I follow the Memes for Jesus page. One time I actually messaged them and got no response. Recently I thought of a meme about PKs, or preachers kids. Often times in the comments of the Instagram page people seem to have the idea that the PK does whatever they want. That wasn’t my experience. MyContinue reading “Reflection”

Being Well When We’re Ill: Round 1

I’ve had Being Well When We’re Ill, a Christian take on Chronic Illness by the theologian Marva J. Dawn for a week now. I was wary of it at first, as the first two chapters are rather dark, speaking to the soul of a downtrodden spoonie, and this I understand. I often cry out inContinue reading “Being Well When We’re Ill: Round 1”