Taking Care of Yourself With Chronic Illness

Every once in a while, a well-intentioned family member, a friend, or a medical professional will tell me I’m not fighting hard enough, that I’m not taking care of myself, et cetera.The opposite used to be true – I would receive compliments from my doctors for the presentations I would make each time I cameContinue reading “Taking Care of Yourself With Chronic Illness”

The F Word: Fibromyalgia

My doctors have been running around in circles after my elusive diagnosis. I need an EMG before everything is finalized, but yesterday I got a second opinion from another rheumatologist and he said the F word: Fibromyalgia. This was my original diagnosis, before the hypothyroidism, reduced kidney function and ANA levels were found, as wellContinue reading “The F Word: Fibromyalgia”


I follow the Memes for Jesus page. One time I actually messaged them and got no response. Recently I thought of a meme about PKs, or preachers kids. Often times in the comments of the Instagram page people seem to have the idea that the PK does whatever they want. That wasn’t my experience. MyContinue reading “Reflection”

Keeping My Identity With Chronic Illness: Good Day Oatmeal Cookies

Vegan oatmeal cookies to comfort you on bad days and for chronic illness warriors to have fun with on good days.

How Acknowledging the Good and Bad Helped Me Cope With Fibromyalgia

Why it’s important to listen to your positive and negative emotions when you have a chronic illness.

How to Make any Man Think You are Irresistible in 12 Easy Steps

Spoonie love and dating advice from a novice master.

Beauty can come late

I have a jar of wilted roses in front of my happy light. It’s a wonder my office doesn’t smell like roasted roses, because the happy light has been on for about 12 hours. By the way, a happy light is artificial sunlight, and if you don’t turn it off after 30 minutes, it canContinue reading “Beauty can come late”